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Your Child’s Teeth

It’s never too early for good dental care. with good oral healthcare, your child can grow up cavity-free. Start by caring for your baby’s teeth. As he or she grows, teach your child the bestpossible tooth care. And don’t forget that healthy teeth and gums require regular visits to the dentist.

Let’s Talk About Brushing

Food and bacteria form a sticky substance on teeth called plaque. Bacteria in the plaque make acid that eats away the tooth’s enamel (hard coating). This causes tooth decay. Brushing keeps plaque from forming, Begin cleaning your baby’s teeth and gums as soon as the first tooth appears. At first, use water and piece of cotton gauze. As more teeth come in, use a small toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. When the child is old enough to brush on his or her own, watch to be sure it’s done right.

Problems to Watch For

Problems with either the baby of adult teeth can harm your child’s growing smile. So  watch for signs of decay. And avoid things that may harm your child’s teeth.

    Tooth Decay: Never let your child sleep with a bottle. Don’t let your child drink or snack without brushing afterwards.
    Thumb Sucking and Pacifiers: Sucking on a thumb or pacifier is common and normal for a baby. But if either habit continues past age 3 or 4, it may lead to tooth or jaw problems. If your child uses a pacifier, an orthopedic pacifier is best for the teeth and jaws.

When to call the Dentist

    Starting around age 1, your child should have regular dental check-ups every 6 months.
    Consult with your dentist if baby or adult teeth are crooked or fail to come in.
    Call the dentist if you notice brown or black spots on your child’s teeth.
    If an adult tooth is loose, call your dentist. If a tooth is knocked out, get emergency dental care. Don’t wash the tooth. Put it in milk until it can be put back in place.

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