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What is a Crown?

A crown (also called a cap) is a man-made cover that protects the top of a tooth. It may be used to restore and preserve a decayed, broken or cracked tooth. Crowns can also correct some cosmetic tooth problems, giving you a better smile.

Why you may need a Crown

A dentist may advise you to get a crown if you have:

    A decayed or damaged tooth that needs to be restored to it’s normal shape and size
    A cracked or broken tooth with large cavities or worn fillings
    A poor-fitting crown
    A tooth that has a large openning on it’s top surface after root canal surgery
    A cosmetic tooth problem
    A bite problem

Types of Crowns

A crown is made of gold, other metals, or porcelain. It can aslo be made of resin, or porcelain and metal. When choosing a crown, think about how it will look and how long it will last. Talk with your dentist about the type of crown that may be best for you.

    Metal Crown
    Tooth-colored Crown
    Combination Crown


Bridges are used as a replacement for a missing tooth by attaching permanently to adjoining teeth or dental implants. Bridges are an alternative to dental implants, partials, or dentures. It is important to replace lost or missing teeth because the teeth on either side, below or above a missing tooth can shift and potentially lead to more serious dental problems. Bridges are most often made with porcelain and quality metals.

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